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The Street Children Rehabilitation Center

Over the years, the Compassion scheme has become the source of inspiration and re-integration for youth with no hope of a functional live hood.

About Us

Compassion ministry's objective is to identify with street children considered to be social miscreants, street urchins, school drop-outs, prostitute and homeless, misguided youth in the society. The vision is to help the kids create a new life that will re-integrate them back into the society. Through moral instructions, teaching and training; we hope to re-orient the kids to believe in themselves, identify their potentials, approach life with the right mind set and acquire spiritual and technical training needed to succeed in life. To provide a place of refuge they can call home


Giving Hope To The Hopeless

Our programs are design to give the kids choices so that they can do what they love while grooming them to become responsible citizens to the society.


An account of real life transformation and events told.
We are sharing stories of how this vision has indeed affected the lives of hopeless youth across the country.

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