Over the years, the compassion scheme has become a source of inspiration for youth with no hope of a functional livelihood.


Giving hope to the hopeless. There’s a popular saying which says: “The poorest man alive is not the man without a dime but the man without a vision for the future”.

Compassion ministry’s objective is to identify with street children considered to be social miscreants, street urchins, school drop-outs, prostitute and homeless, misguided youth in the society. 



Guidance & Counselling

When the children first come off the streets, they undergo a series of counseling session to begin their orientation and preparation for a new future.

Further Education

Through the financial assistance provided to the ministry by all donors, the children will be able to pursue education at various level.                                                         

Vocational skills Acquisition

This is carried out in the form of direct training by master trainers both on campus and on an outreach basis.