Founding Vision


Many years back, God revealed to Evan. (Mrs.) Mojisola Abdul in the course of her personal prayer the vision of young boys and girls on the street becoming armed robbers and criminals. In her sleep she also saw Jesus empowering the children through her with formal education and informal training and releasing them back to the society as better and responsible citizens.

This encounter marked the beginning of her burning passion for the less privilege especially youth caught in the web of drug, prostitution, crime and other vices. Compassion Home reach out to kids who are abandoned by their parent or have become homeless due to economic hardship, dissolution of the family unit, mal-treatment from step-parent and many more.

In two years, the Compassion scheme has become the source of inspiration and re-integration for youth with no hope of a functional live hood.

The vision/project as indeed emerged as an outfit that evidently complement Governmental effort in poverty alleviation, youth integration and redevelopment of the society. Welcome to the Almighty God Compassion Street Children Rehabilitation Center.

Targeted Youth

The Compassion Scheme target most less privileged children and youths age between 5-20yrs and for whom evidence of economic incapacitation or social psychological maladjustment can be proved when the kids can be identified. They are provided rehabilitation data form to fill for identification.

Vision For The Future

Compassion Ministry’s Vision for the future is to build a Compassion Ministry’s campus first in its home country Nigeria and then across West and East Africa. The campus will be a comprehensive center Comprising of the Following:

  • Living quarters for accommodation
  • Schools and Vocational center for educating, training and equipping the kids.
  • Pack and sport facilities for re-creation,
  • A Comprehensive student’s library.
  • A complete health facility for medical treatment.
  • Prayer Chapel.