Almighty God Compassion Care Home

What We Do

Giving hope to the hopeless for 11 years and counting.

Giving hope to the hopeless. There’s a popular saying which says: “The poorest man alive is not the man without a dime but the man without a vision for the future”.

Compassion ministry’s objective is to identify with street children considered to be social miscreants, street urchins, school drop-outs, prostitute and homeless, misguided youth in the society. The vision is to help the kids create a new life that will re-integrate them back into the society. Through moral instructions, teaching and training, we hope to re-orient the kids to believe in them selves, identify their potentials, approach life with the right mind set and acquire spiritual and technical training needed to succeed in life. To provide a place of refuge they can call home.

To provide social and materials support that every child needs; like food, clothing, shelter, education and social infrastructure. To provide a school learning and vocational institutions where the student get a solid foundational education as well as trade skills that will help them succeed in life.

Non-Profit Status

mighty God Compassion Care Home Non-profit Status was achieved January 2007. The Organization ia a non-profit organization, non-religious biased, non-ethnically biased, with no racial or political bias.

Management Team

The management team comprises of skilled technocrats with a multiplicity of background that offer range of skills, expertise in skills needed to lead the organization.

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